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How the Nicocure Stop Smoking Patch Works
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Kick the Nicotine Habit Naturally

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How it Works

Every time you smoke a cigarette, each puff introduces a drug called Nicotine into your body (along with hundreds of other toxic chemicals - some even kill insects on contact, and some are used to embalm dead bodies).

Nicotine is the substance responsible for fooling your brain into releasing a "pleasure" chemical called Dopamine. Nicotine receptors on your nerve endings receive the Dopamine and create "Happy" nerve cells.

It's Dopamine that gives you a false sense of well-being, and soon the body wants more and more Dopamine on a regular basis. This is the beginning of your addiction.

Nicocure®'s amazing formula safely mimics the properties of nicotine. It acts on the "Nicotine Receptors" in your body, effectively fooling it into thinking it's getting more Nicotine, while keeping you calm and relaxed during Nicotine withdrawal. It will help you quit smoking for life, for good.

You probably know that cigarette smoking is harmful to your health and a high risk factor for heart disease, lung cancer and stroke, but did you know that cigarette smoking is one of the main killers in the world?

Why then do so many people still smoke? The many answers to this question prove that quitting smoking is not a simple matter. Keeping this in mind, and after analyzing many studies and products in the market, our team of herbal experts and psychologists developed a revolutionary formulation under the trademark of Nicocure® Patch that guarantees smoking cessation in a very short period of time.

Nicocure® Patch fights the three major factors that get in the way of you quitting smoking:

1. Nicotine addition
2. Withdrawal symptoms
3. Nicotine intoxication

The proprietary herbal formulation in Nicocure® Patch contains herbal ingredients that act as natural substitutes for nicotine and therefore satisfy the body’s craving for this substance, but without all the negative side effects of the patches containing actual nicotine! The natural ingredients will make you crave fewer cigarettes every day. This gradual process makes you quit with no withdrawal symptoms and requires less will power and effort from your part.

The first day you use Nicocure® Patch you will smoke up to half or less of what you usually smoke. You will break your habit gradually, with less physical and emotional stress and in a short period of time.

Withdrawal symptoms will be milder due to the natural nicotine substitute, which helps you shake the nicotine habit gradually. Furthermore, to help you in this process, the Nicocure® Patch herbal formulation contains herbal ingredients that also combat the anxiety and depression that affect most people who are trying to quit smoking.

The nicotine content in your body will gradually fade off as you wear the patch, and to help you speed up this process, Nicocure® Patch contains antioxidant herbal ingredients to help detoxify your body and get rid of the nicotine. The other good news is that most of the harmful effects of smoking for years will start to disappear gradually once you stop smoking completely and as the nicotine intoxication wears off.

More than 10 years of experience have contributed to the patented herb extraction process used to process the unique herbal formulation in Nicocure® Patch.

The patch application method allows for the active ingredients to penetrate the skin and reach the bloodstream faster and more conveniently than any other method. Other methods such as pills, even if effective, must be taken several times per day since they lose most of their active ingredient as they are processed by stomach acids, eventually minimizing their effect.

Furthermore, the patch system eliminates the need to remember to take pills and the inconvenience of carrying these with you throughout the day. Just apply a Nicocure® Patch in the morning and replace it the following day with a new one.

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